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Susanne Kissaun    
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Susanne Kissaun
about me

„You and your needs
are the focus of my work.“

Your specific needs and wishes are the center of my work. Whether you want to change or alter your living or work space, build a house or renovate.

You can place all these activities with confidence in my capable hands. I will accompany and support you from the planning and construction phase until completion.

Teamwork often creates the most comprehensive and efficient solutions. If required, I can call on the services of experts such experienced architects, lighting designers, selected retailers and crafts businesses.

- Established since 1999 in the fields of interior design,
color design and Feng Shui
- Special training in color design and color psychology
- 3-year academic training as a Feng Shui consultant under the
English Feng Shui Masters Simon Brown and Derek Walters

Susanne Kissaun
interior design

„Most buildings are silent, some talk and a few sing.“

Le Corbusier

Bringing existing buildings back to life, designing rooms and giving them a soul. My philosophy is to produce unique and individual concepts that reflect the client and his personality.

Designing rooms, buildings and outdoor areas is an addition of selecting the right furniture and accessoires, choosing harmonious colours and materials and combining all with an aesthetic lighting concept.

My approach is to create refined design spaces and to give each project its unique character.

It's more than just a design concept. It's a „marriage“ between living or work spaces and your company, your person or your family.

colour design
Susanne Kissaun
„Without colour there is no form.“

Rudolf Maison

Colour design is much more than the mere choice of colours.

Colours are one of the most important design tools since they provide the first impression when entering a room or looking at a building.

Through my specialized training in the field of colour design and colour psychology, I have developed a special feeling for their use.

Colours shape the atmosphere of rooms and buildings and can thereby determine their presence. They emphasize furnishings and accentuate furniture, fabrics and walls.

feng shui
Susanne Kissaun

„Invisible harmony is stronger than visible“
Heraklit von Ephesus

Feng Shui is an empirical knowledge of aesthetics, used in architecture and interior design to optimize the flow of vital force and creating harmonious living spaces.

It serves as a tool for planning residential and business premises individually and customer orientated.

A Feng Shui consultation can already be of great help by choosing the right property.

My consultation consists of colour- and interior design, architecture and psychology, as well as the individual needs of each person.

A warm ambience, in which you feel comfortable, motivates and supports you in achieving better performance.

The harmonious design of our environment has a positive effect on our happiness, health, creativity, concentration and our success.